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How to make a bird box.

How to Make a Bird Box With Easy Customizations

Bird boxes are simple to make and give birds a safe home. Here is how to make a bird box for your yard and some easy customizations. Read more

what is bikram yoga

What Is Bikram Yoga & Is It Actually Good for You?

What is Bikram yoga? This type of hot yoga focuses on a specific set of postures to build strength and flexibility. But is it good for you? Let's find out. Read more

Baking soda vinegar foot soak

DIY Baking Soda Vinegar Foot Soak For Tired Feet

Need to unwind and soothe the soles? Treat your feet to a baking soda and vinegar foot soak. Here is how to make one and why your feet will thank you. Read more

mind blanking

Mind Blanking: What Happens When Your Brain Goes Foggy

Where does your brain go when you find yourself staring into space? Let's take a closer look at the phenomenon of mind blanking. Read more

stinging nettle tea

Nettle Tea Benefits, Side Effects & How to Drink it

Since stinging nettles hurt when you touch them, you might be slightly alarmed by the notion of making stinging nettle tea. But when soaked in water or cooked, the leaves of the nettle plant lose their stinging chemicals, allowing them to be safely used for culinary or medicinal purposes. Read more

rPET Recycled Plastic

What Is rPET Plastic — Is It Better Than Regular Plastic?

rPET – or recycled PET – is a form of plastic made entirely from recycled products like water bottles. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of rPET here. Read more

defrost windshield

How to Defrost A Windshield: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Having to get ice off your windshield is an annoying winter problem. Here's how to defrost a windshield without wasting energy and contributing to air pollution. Read more

No Poo shampoo healthy sustainable alternatives to conventional shampoos

No Poo Shampoo: Recipes for Shinier, Healthier Hair — Naturally

No poo shampoo is an alternative to washing your hair frequently with traditional chemical-laden shampoos. The no-shampoo method is healthy, natural and leaves your hair just as clean as regular shampoo.  Read more