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Impact of climate crisis on kids.

The Unseen Impact of the Climate Crisis on Kids

The impact of the climate crisis on kids cannot be denied — and it's growing. Find out how their health, well-being and futures are under threat. Read more

Solarpunk and lunarpunk aesthetic.

Lunarpunk and Solarpunk: Environment-Focused Aesthetics Explained

Lunarpunk and solarpunk are subcultures that emerged from science fiction. We'll explain these environment-focused aesthetics and why they work for a sustainable lifestyle. Read more

california native trees

12 California Native Trees for Your Patio or Garden

California native trees add a visual element to your yard and provide a safe habitat for native species. Find out which suits your space. Read more

home remedies for sinus headache.

Try These 7 Home Remedies for Stubborn Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches can be debilitating, making it difficult to focus on or think about anything else. We'll look at trusted home remedies for stubborn sinus headaches. Read more

Best fertilizer for grass.

The Best Fertilizer for Grass and When to Use It

Getting a lush green yard can be tricky, but homemade or organic fertilizers can aid healthy growth. Here are the best fertilizers for grass. Read more

best fertilizer for tomatoes

The Absolute Best Fertilizers for Tomatoes (Organic & Synthetic)

Choosing the best fertilizers for tomatoes depends on many factors. Learn the best gardening practices for growing these popular plants. Read more

intersectional environmentalism

Intersectional Environmentalism: Definition and Relevance

Is saving the planet intertwined with issues like race, gender and other inequalities? Intersectional environmentalism says yes. Read on to find out more about these connections. Read more

how do walnuts grow

How Do Walnuts Grow & Are They Sustainable?

Though they are so easily accessible at the supermarket, how do walnuts grow? Read to learn about the environmental impact of walnut production! Read more