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how to store rice long term

How to Store Rice Long Term (All Varieties)

It’s cheap, nutritious and can be stored for a very long time when preserved correctly. Learn how to store rice long term and make your household more food secure. Read more

poisonous trees

7 Scary Poisonous Trees to Avoid in the US

Poisonous trees are found throughout the US. When hiking or camping, it's essential to know which trees to avoid. Here's what to know. Read more

can you flush condoms

Can You Flush Condoms?

How do you dispose of a condom? Can you flush condoms? We'll walk you through the reasons why you should NEVER flush a condom down the toilet. Read more

west coast national parks

10 Best West Coast National Parks, Ranked

These West Coast national parks showcase the geological diversity and beauty of the US. Discover mountains, rivers, lakes and wildlife. Read more

plants that like coffee grounds.

8 Houseplants That Like Coffee Grounds

Plenty of plants like coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can also keep houseplants healthy! Here are popular plants that love the spa treatment. Read more


9 Podcasts the Utopia Team Is Obsessed With Right Now

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Controversial foods.

Would You Eat These 14 Controversial Foods?

What we eat significantly effects our health and the world around us. Here are 15 controversial foods that provoke debate. Read more

How to prepare for a winter storm

15 Vital Ways to Prepare For a Winter Storm

Winter storms can be deadly and unpredictable. It's important to know how to prepare for a winter storm to stay safe. We'll cover some vital ways to get ready. Read more