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Homemade yogurt recipe how to make yogurt from scratch easy recipes

How To Make Yogurt Easily at Home

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Swedish death cleaning

Why Swedish Death Cleaning Is Suitable for Everyone, at Any Time

“Swedish death cleaning” isn’t nearly as macabre as it sounds. This method helps you declutter, downsize, and organize your things, so that the task doesn’t one day fall to loved ones left behind. Read more

Removing blueberry stains with milk

Can You Freeze Milk? Here Is Why It Isn’t a Good Idea

Freezing foods is great way to store all types of fresh foods for later. But not all foods are freezer-friendly. Here's what to not to store in the freezer. Read more

Sitting yoga poses

5 Sitting Yoga Poses for Stretching and Strength

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uv index meaning

UV Index: Meaning for Your Skin, Eyes and Overall Health

Do you know the UV Index meaning and how to interpret it? Learn the different types of radiation we should protect ourselves from in our daily lives. Read more

Homemade window glass cleaner

The 4 Most Effective Homemade Window Cleaners

We’ll show you how easy it is to use simple household supplies to clean your windows cheaply, organically, and leave a streak-free shine, every time. Read more

birds that eat spiders

10 Birds That Eat Spiders and How to Attract Them

Did you know that a bunch of different birds eat spiders? Here are the birds that eat spiders and how it can benefit you. Read more

how to bleed a radiator

How to Bleed a Radiator (With & Without a Key)

This handy guide explains how to bleed a radiator and gives you a better understanding of why the practice is a good idea for you and your home. Read more