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causes of water pollution

10 Causes of Water Pollution & What You Can Do

Human activity has far-reaching consequences, and water pollution is a major concern. Here are the 10 biggest causes of water pollution. Read more

what should you do with the leftover pizza box? Is it recyclable?

Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes? A Lowdown on Greasy Cardboard

Can you recycle pizza boxes? Can they be composted? We'll clear up the confusion and give you the lowdown on recycling greasy boxes. Read more

eggshells for plants

Eggshells as Fertilizer for Garden Plants and Seed Starter

Eggshells make a great fertilizer, but that's not the only use they have in the garden. We'll take a look at how to use eggshells for plants. Read more

vegan substitute for heavy cream

8 Delicious Vegan Heavy Cream Substitutes

Supermarket dairy-free heavy cream substitutes can be pricey and unhealthy. However, you can make vegan heavy cream substitutes yourself! Read more

difference between a tornado and a hurricane

What’s the Difference Between a Tornado and a Hurricane?

Wondering about the difference between a tornado and a hurricane? Learn more about these devastating weather events here. Read more

how to make black food coloring

How to Make Black Food Coloring for Baking and Frosting

If you want to decorate with black icing or frosting, you'll want to learn how to make black food coloring yourself. Here's how. Read more

keeping squirrels out of garden

10 Foolproof Fixes to Make Food Less Spicy

Have you made something that's too spicy? Here's how to make food less spicy quickly & what helps when what you're eating is already too hot. Read more

How to make someone feel better over text

18 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better Over Text

Sending a text requires little effort but can make a big impact. We'll show you how you can make someone feel better over text so you can brighten their day. Read more