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The Best Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter to Save Energy

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It’s easy to overlook the ceiling fan when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Did you know there’s a specific ceiling fan direction you should use in winter?

Trying to keep your home warm in the winter without significantly increasing your energy bill is no easy feat. You may be wondering when to turn the heat on, what the best thermostat settings are for winter, or may even be trying to figure out how to keep warm without electricity. Are you aware that something as simple as changing your ceiling fan direction in the winter can help?

The Right Ceiling Fan DIrection in Winter

The ceiling fan direction in winter should be counterclockwise.
The ceiling fan direction in winter should be counterclockwise. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / funeyes)

You may not think that the direction your fan is going matters much, but it does more than you think. By changing the ceiling fan direction in both winter and summer, you can save energy year-round.

When it spins clockwise, an updraft is created and circulates warm air around the room. You should set your ceiling fan direction in winter to spin clockwise to help distribute the heated air. It spins at a low speed to help warm air that gets trapped move down and circulate the room, resulting in a more consistent room temperature. A room that is kept at a more consistent temperature doesn’t require as much heat, saving you money and energy.

Once the temperatures start to warm up in late spring and summer, you should switch your fan’s direction to be counterclockwise. This will create a downdraft that will help create a cooling breeze.

How to Change Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fans help to keep your rooms at more consistent temperatures.
Ceiling fans help to keep your rooms at more consistent temperatures. (Foto: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash / Helen Shi )

Depending on the type of fan your home has, there are different ways to switch your ceiling fan direction in winter. Just make sure you turn your fan off first before doing so.

  • Remote control: Using the remote, click and hold down the fan button until the light blinks to indicate that the direction has been changed successfully.
  • Pull chain: You can simply slide the switch to the opposite direction on the most traditional type of ceiling fan.
  • Smart: Using the app on your phone, switch the direction. Alternatively, you can use voice controls if you’ve set that up.

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