Karen Stankiewicz

Karen is a writer/translator for Utopia. She's a globetrotting Canadian who enjoys curling up with a good book, spending time outdoors, and experimenting in the kitchen.

homemade funnel cake

Homemade Vegan Funnel Cake

State fairs are a quintessential part of American culture, and so are the fried foods that go along with them. Skip the crowds and learn how to make homemade funnel cake yourself using natural and organic ingredients. read more

vegan hash

Vegan Hash: Easy & Delicious

Vegan hash is a colorful mix of vegetables and spices, and can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Learn how to make this simple dish, plus get inspiration for ways to customize it. read more

How to eat dandelion

How to Eat Dandelion: Easy & Delicious Ideas

Dandelions are commonly seen as undesirable weeds, but they have incredible health benefits. We'll show you how to eat dandelion so you can see this plant in a completely different light. read more