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zero waste products gifts for everyone

9 Zero-Waste Gift Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

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Salt as an Effective Way To Clean Your Baking Sheet

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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Powerful Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: A Deep Dive

Apple cider vinegar, aka ACV, has many benefits, whether around your home or for your health. But is it sustainable? Read on for a deep dive into this pantry staple. Read more

DIY door draft stopper

6 DIY Door Draft Stoppers Out of Things You’ve Got at Home

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How to Make a DIY Kotatsu & What to Consider First

Expensive heating got you down? Try a DIY kotatsu — a Japanese-style heated coffee table you can cozy up to with loved ones. Read more

Candles are a great add-on for many occasions.

How To Make Scented Candles at Home

Try making scented candles from leftover wax instead of throwing it out. We’ll look at how to make a DIY scented candle, and how to customize the scents. Read more

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This Is How You Get Rid of Smelly Shoes With Tea Bags

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DIY Moss Pole: Step-by-Step Instructions

Moss poles are the latest houseplant trend and are an attractive way to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy. Here we give some handy tips for a DIY moss pole. Read more