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preserving roses

Never Throw Wilted Roses Out Again! How to Dry Roses 3 Ways

By preserving your roses, you can enjoy them for longer. But there are different ways to preserve or dry roses, and some are more environmentally friendly than others. We’ll show you the best ways to keep your roses beautiful for longer. Read more

bidet vs toilet paper

Bidet vs. Toilet Paper: Health, Hygiene, and Environment

Want to cut down on paper waste while staying extra clean? We explore the impacts of bidets vs toilet paper for comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability. Read more

diy car air fresheners

8 DIY Car Air Fresheners (Natural & Low Waste)

You don't need to tolerate a smelly car interior with these simple DIY car air fresheners. Using natural, low-waste alternatives, your car will be smelling fresh in no time. Read more

how to store pizza dough

How to Store Pizza Dough Without Plastic Wrap

Store pizza dough properly to keep it good and guarantee a tasty crust. Here is how to store pizza dough with 4 simple methods. Read more

root rot symptoms

How to Treat Root Rot Symptoms & Save Your Plant

Root rot is a nightmare for plant lovers. Treat root rot fast with this easy-to-follow guide for identifying and fixing root rot symptoms. Read more

How to clean a flat screen tv without streaks

How to Clean a Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

You can clean your TV with items you already have at home. Here's how to clean a flat screen TV without streaks using natural methods. Read more

recycle tape

Is Tape Recyclable? Clear & Easy Tips

It's hard to remember recycling rules — is tape recyclable? What tape should you throw out? Read on for a painless guide to recycling tape. Read more

Unclog shower sink drain

Effective & Fast Home Remedies for Clogged Drains

All you need to unclog sink or shower drains are some clever all-natural hacks — check out these effective home remedies for clogged rains. Read more