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baking soda alternative

Use White Vinegar and Borax as an Alternative to Baking Soda

Baking soda is great for cooking and cleaning, but if you find yourself without any on hand, you can try some of these natural baking soda alternatives. Read more

how to get crayon off walls

How to Get Crayon off Walls: 7 Tips

Crayon on the walls? No problem. Learning how to get crayon off walls is an essential part of being a good parent or caregiver. We've gathered 7 tips for getting crayon off. Read more

how to get rid of deodorant stains

How To Clean Carpet With Baking Soda: A Simple DIY Recipe

Did you know that you can make a cheap and effective carpet cleaner out of baking soda? The trusted home remedy is a milder alternative to heavier chemical cleaners. Also, it’s very easy to make. Read more

Homemade furniture polish

Homemade Furniture Polish: 3 Eco-Friendly Methods

Some store-bought furniture polish will make wood look dirtier over time. Switch to eco-friendly homemade furniture polish for the benefit of your furniture and the planet. Read more

Natural laundry stripping recipe

Natural Laundry Stripping Recipe Step-by-Step

Natural laundry stripping is an eco-friendly way to clean old, discolored towels and sheets. Check out our laundry stripping recipe to get your textiles as fresh as new! Read more

how to remove blood from clothes

How To Remove Blood From Clothes the Eco-Friendly Way

Wondering how to remove blood from your clothes? These methods will remove blood stains while avoiding shrinkage, color loss, and changes to texture or finish. Read more

How to wash curtains

How to Wash Curtains Step-By-Step

Wondering how to wash curtains properly? We've put together some eco-friendly tips to keep your home and the environment nice and clean. Read on to learn more. Read more

Remove urine stains

How to Sustainably Remove Urine Stains from Furniture, Carpet and Clothing

Need to remove urine stains from your furniture, clothing, and carpets sustainably? Look no further. Whether it's pet pee or little ones who just couldn't wait, here are a few ways to fix it. Read more