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carpet deodorizer powder

Carpet Deodorizer Powder: A Simple DIY

This simple DIY carpet deodorizer powder can help you save money on hiring professional carpet cleaners. Check out the recipe made from only two, all-natural ingredients. Read more

How to clean bath toys.

How to Clean Bath Toys: 2 Eco-Friendly Methods

Bath toys can gather mold and collect germs floating around in bathwater. To keep your toys clean and your kids healthy, learn how to clean bath toys properly. Read more

how to clean a canvas painting

How to Clean a Canvas Painting: A Simple Method

Cleaning a canvas painting regularly is the best way to ensure your treasured artwork lasts a lifetime. Learn how to clean a canvas painting safely here. Read more

How to wash a silk scarf

How to Wash a Silk Scarf the Eco-Friendly Way

Do you have a silk scarf but are unsure about how to wash it ecologically? Follow these steps to learn how to wash a silk scarf at home, without taking it to the dry cleaners. Read more

How to clean rattan furniture

How to Clean Rattan Furniture: A Quick & Easy Guide

Whether a swing-seat, day bed or dining set — rattan can add style and beauty to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our guide will show you how to clean rattan furniture. Read more

How to clean your Chacos and other sandals

How to Clean Chachos & Other Sandals the Eco-Friendly Way

Wearing Chacos in a river or in the shower isn't enough to clean them. Follow our steps on how to clean Chacos and other sandals for that brand new feeling. Read more

how to clean shower curtain

How to Clean Your Shower Curtain Naturally

We all use showers to get clean, but cleaning showers and shower curtains often falls under the radar. We'll explain how to clean your shower curtain using natural ingredients. Read more

How to get lipstick out of carpet

How to Get Lipstick Out of Carpet in 6 Easy Steps

A good lipstick can beautifully vibrant and long-lasting, everything you don't want on your carpet! Follow this guide for how to remove lipstick from your carpets in 6 easy steps. Read more