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fox as a pet

A Fox as a Pet? Why That’s Not Cute but Cruel

Foxes are adorable, elusive creatures – many of us could be tempted to keep one in our home. But with just a bit of background knowledge, you can learn why having a fox as a pet is a bad idea. Read more

are bumble bees dangerous

Are Bumble Bees Dangerous? Facts & Safety Tips

We know that they can pack a painful sting, but are bumble bees dangerous? We'll review some basic facts, possible dangers, and safety tips to see what all the buzz is about. Read more

planting milkweed seeds

How to Plant Milkweed Seeds and Help Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies need milkweed plants to survive. You can help monarchs by planting milkweed seeds at home. Read more

Endangered trees.

Endangered Trees: 10 At-Risk Species

Endangered trees are increasing in numbers across the globe, and their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem is being threatened every day. Learn which endangered trees exist and how you can help save them. Read more

Suburban sprawl

Suburban Sprawl: Definition, Problems and Solutions

Suburban sprawl has many negative effects on human health and the environment. We'll show you the causes, environmental effects, and solutions to sprawl. Read more

waste vegetable oil

Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO): The New Recycled Fuel?

Waste vegetable oil is a byproduct of the gastronomy world. It is in constant supply and needs to be disposed of somehow, so using it to supplement diesel fuel is a no-brainer. Read more

Coral reef bleaching.

Coral Bleaching: Why Reefs Are Dying – and How to Help

Coral reef bleaching is the loss of color in corals due to factors such as pollution and heat. Learn about why coral reefs are dying and how you can help with their preservation. Read more

how to get rid of old mattress

How to Get Rid of Old Mattress: 4 Eco-Friendly Options

Ever seen an old mattress left on the curb? Not only is it ugly looking and fills the environment with unnecessary waste, you may even have to pay a fine. Plus, there are lots of easy ways to get rid of your old mattress sustainably. Read more