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national wildlife day

All About National Wildlife Day — February 22, 2023

National Wildlife Day is celebrated every February 22 and September 4 to honor environmental awareness and those who campaign for or represent it. Read on to learn more. Read more

where does maple syrup come from

Where Does Maple Syrup Come From? The Process Explained

Do you know where maple syrup comes from? Learn about the process that brings us this all-natural sweetener and favorite pancake topping. Read more

animals that hibernate in winter

15 Adorable Animals That Hibernate in Winter

Hibernation is not exclusive to bears, in fact, there are plenty of animals that hibernate in winter. We'll show you some of the most adorable ones. Read more

Eco-friendly foods

6 Versatile Eco-Friendly Foods to Add to Your Diet

What we eat affects our bodies and the world around us. We'll discuss 6 eco-friendly foods to add to your diet right now. Read more

Conservation vs. Preservation

Conservation vs. Preservation: Differences & Similarities

Conservation vs. preservation, how do they differ? Learn about the key differences between these two approaches to protecting our natural and cultural heritage. Read more

Water-efficient toilets

5 Affordable Water-Efficient Toilets for 2023

Modern toilets are designed to be eco-friendly, but they still consume a huge amount of water. Here are 5 affordable water-efficient toilets. Read more


COP15 vs. COP27: What Was the Difference?

Two similar UN summits, the COP15 and COP27 of 2022 had key differences in their topics of discussion and outcomes. Learn more about the COP15 and what was decided in Montreal in December. Read more

artificial snow

Why Artificial Snow Can’t Be a Long-term Solution

As global temperatures rise, more and more mountain resorts rely on the creation of snow. This article explores the sustainability (or lack thereof) in producing and using artificial snow.  Read more