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Definitions of Sustainability

types of biodiversity

The 3 Types of Biodiversity Explained

You know about the massive importance of biodiversity — but did you know that there are different types of biodiversity? Let's get into the significance of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. Read more

resource depletion

What Is Resource Depletion and Why Is It Dangerous?

Resource depletion is becoming a common term — and that's not a good thing. Discover what it is and some potential solutions. Read more

Afforestation meaning

What Does Afforestation Mean and Why Is It Important?

Knowing the meaning of afforestation is an important part of the debate around environmental conservation. Here is the importance of afforestation and its definition. Read more

intersectional environmentalism

Intersectional Environmentalism: Definition and Relevance

Is saving the planet intertwined with issues like race, gender and other inequalities? Intersectional environmentalism says yes. Read on to find out more about these connections. Read more


Ecocide: Meaning, Examples and Solutions

Here we bring together a definition of ecocide and its effect in the US. We'll examine the ramifications, underlying issues, and proposed solutions to this problem. Read more

environmental degradation

What Is Environmental Degradation?

Environmental degradation takes many forms and is one of the largest crises we face as a planet. If things don't change soon, the outlook is bleak. Read more


Reforestation: What It Is, Why It Matters & How to Help

Reforestation efforts are underway to help fight climate change across the globe. Learn why reforestation is important and how you can get involved. Read more

Nature-based solutions

Nature-Based Solutions: A Sustainable Approach to Save the Planet

Nature-based solutions are helping countries to address the three major challenges of our time: climate change, protecting biodiversity and ensuring human wellbeing. Read more