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Nitrate vs nitrite

Nitrate vs. Nitrite: Differences and Uses in Food

Nitrate vs. nitrite: What's the difference? Learn how these food additives are used and their potential positive and negative health effects. Read more

how to store kiwi

How to Store Kiwi Properly (Fridge and Counter)

Kiwi fruit is delicious, and nutritious and can be expensive depending on where you live. We'll show you how to store kiwi properly to reduce household food waste. Read more

what is seitan

Seitan: The Plant-Based Powerhouse You Need in Your Diet

What is seitan, and what makes it a nutrition megastar? Learn more about what seitan is made of and how to make this vegan meat alternative at home. Read more

Precision fermentation

Precision Fermentation: A Revolution in Food Production?

Precision fermentation may have the potential to transform our current food system. Could a new cellular agriculture really turn microbes into bacon and eggs? Read more

10 Surprising Benefits of Composting

10 Surprising Benefits of Composting

There is much more to composting than meets the eye! Here are 10 of the most surprising benefits of composting. Read more

can you freeze sweet potatoes

Can You Freeze Sweet Potatoes? A Step-by-Step Guide

Can you freeze sweet potatoes? You sure can. We'll explain how it's done in our handy step-by-step guide and share some tips to get the best results Read more

does honey go bad

Does Honey Go Bad? Everything You Need to Know

Does honey go bad? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions about this natural sweetener. Learn more about the shelf life of honey and how to use it here. Read more

How to regrow romaine lettuce

How to Regrow Romaine Lettuce: Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

Regrowing romaine lettuce is easy and ensures you always have this tasty veg on hand. Here's how to regrow romaine lettuce step-by-step. Read more