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skincare ingredient checker

10 Helpful Ingredient Checkers for Skincare and Household Products

10 fantastic skincare ingredient checkers that will help you learn more about the household and personal care products you use every day. Read more

how to cool a room without ac

7 Proven Ways to Cool a Room Without AC: Escape the Heat!

You don't need air conditioning to stay cool in summer. Find out how to cool down a room without AC when the heat gets unbearable. Read more

Can you use expired sunscreen

Can You Use Expired Sunscreen? Here’s What to Check to be Sure

When the sun is suddenly out and you only have that one bottle of sunscreen from last year — and it's past its expiration date. But can you use expired sunscreen, should you, and is it still better than no sunscreen at all? Read more

what to do with spoiled milk 

What to Do With Spoiled Milk: Easy Homemade Cheese Recipe

Got spoiled milk? Don't throw it out! Learn what to do with spoiled milk and turn it into delicious homemade cheese with this easy recipe. Read more

how to freeze bread

No More Wasted Bread: Discover How to Freeze Bread in a Snap

Freezing bread is a great way to save leftovers or guarantee that you always have some on hand. But can you freeze bread, and if so, how do you freeze it correctly? We’re taking a look at how to freeze bread so that it doesn't go to waste. Read more

how to wash dirty sneakers

How to (Sustainably) Wash Shoes in the Washing Machine: 3 Steps

With mucky spring weather on the horizon, we’re all left wondering how to wash our shoes — is it even possible to wash sneakers? Read more

how to store yeast

How to Store Yeast: Instant, Active Dry, Fresh and Liquid

Yeast comes in quantities much larger than needed for a single recipe. We'll look at how to store yeast and how long yeast lasts. Read more

Candles are a great add-on for many occasions.

3 Foolproof Ways to Get Wax Out of Clothes

Candles are an essential part of celebrations Here's how to get wax out of clothes if you have an unfortunate run-in with a hot candle. Read more