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how to lower humidity in house

How to Lower the Humidity in Your House: Tips for Avoiding Mold

Maintaining a comfortable amount of moisture in the air is important for your well being and for your health. We’ll show you how to lower the humidity in your house to prevent mold from growing in your home. Read more

zero waste bathroom

Zero Waste Bathroom: Tips for Using Less Plastic

We often forget about the bathroom when it comes to a zero waste lifestyle. Here are some tips to reduce plastic and create your zero waste bathroom. Read more

minimalist home decor

An Easy Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

Learning to live minimally is a process. These minimalist decor tips will help you succeed in creating your own minimalist home or apartment. Read more

New year's resolution ideas list

New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Are Actually Achievable

We’re not here to harass you with classic New Year’s resolution ideas that everyone sets for themselves but no one really keeps. Instead, we’ll give you some simple, easily achievable changes you can make in the new year to help reduce your consumption and live more responsibly. Read more

ways to reduce carbon footprint sustainable lifestyle guide

Clever Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on comfort or convenience. Here's how to it's done. Read more

how to get rid of smoke smell in house

How to Remove the Smoke Smell from Your House

Trying to figure out how to get rid of the smoke smell in your house? Before buying strong chemical products, try these easy household remedies. Read more

Garden for Winter

Checklist: How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Prepare your garden for winter and enjoy a healthy, beautiful garden next year. Follow our easy 5-step checklist to find out how! Read more

jogger apples stay fit

Boost Your Immune System: 10 Ways to Improve Your Natural Defense System

Boost your immune system - improve your body’s natural defense system against coughs, a sore throat and colds. Here's how to stay fit during cold season. Read more