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What human activity contributes to air pollution

The Top 5 Human Activities That Contribute to Air Pollution

Many daily activities have negative environmental consequences. Here are the top five human activities that contribute to air pollution. Read more

universities with sustainability programs

16 Universities With Sustainability Programs to Get Excited About (2023)

These universities with sustainability programs offer fantastic resources for crafting the career you want — while saving the planet. Read more

debt for nature swap

What Are Debt-for-Nature Swaps and Can They Really Help?

Debt-for-nature-swaps rely on the idea that in exchange for debt relief, countries can reallocate their efforts to environmental work. Are they effective? Let's find out. Read more

green hushing greenhushing

Green Hushing on the Rise: How Problematic Is This Greenwashing Twin?

Is green hushing the new — and harder to detect — greenwashing? What exactly does green hushing mean? How can we detect it? And what can we do about it? Read more

The Safeguard Mechanism.

Safeguard Mechanism Explained: What Can the US Learn?

Can the US learn from Australian federal policy as their government reforms the Safeguard Mechanism? Find out what it is and if it can help America achieve net zero by 2050. Read more

Worst places to visit

8 Worst Places to Visit if You Want to Combat Overtourism

The worst places to visit are those that are already inundated with tourists, putting a strain on locals and the environment. From Machu Picchu to Venice, here's some destinations to skip. Read more