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Mindful parenting

Is Mindful Parenting the New Gentle Parenting?

If you want to be more patient with your kids and parent them in an empathetic way, mindful parenting could be for you. We'll discuss its benefits, strategies to get there and give specific examples. Read more

drawing for anxiety

Why Drawing for Anxiety Actually Works

Art therapy is a popular way to help people deal with a variety of issues. Drawing for anxiety is one way to help de-stress and it's easy to implement. Read more

afternoon routine

Why You Should Have an Afternoon Routine

What is an afternoon routine and why does it make sense to create one? Keep reading for different midday activities to help you become more mindful and productive. Read more

self care day ideas

Need a Self Care Day? Here Are 15 Ideas for Mindful Relaxation

Self-care can reduce stress, increase happiness and even lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Try these 15 self-care day ideas that work for any budget and mood. Read more

How to help someone with social anxiety

These Are the 8 Best Ways to Help Someone With Social Anxiety

Learning how to help someone with social anxiety could bring healing and reassurance to those suffering from this debilitating disorder. Find out how with our evidence-based tips. Read more

fofo fear of finding out

FOFO: How to Deal With the Psychological Barrier “Fear of Finding Out”

FOFO can have a profound negative impact if you let it get too far. We break down this complex psychological barrier and investigate potential solutions. Read more

bare minimum monday

Bare Minimum Monday: Mental Health Hack or Just a Trend?

Bare Minimum Monday advocates a slow Monday to prioritize mental health over productivity. Here's a look at all sides of the debate. Read more


6 Steps to Start Monotasking (and Why You Should!)

You've heard about multitasking, but have you heard of monotasking? Learn how to implement this approach to accomplish your goals more efficiently. Read more