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minimalist gifts

Minimalist Gifts: 28 Ideas That Don’t Add to the Clutter

Birthdays and holidays can be difficult when making an effort to live sustainably. Luckily, there are plenty of minimalist gift ideas for all occasions. Read more

gender-neutral clothing brands

Gender Neutral Clothing Brands: 7 Eco-Friendlier Options

Check out a few of our favorite sustainable, gender-neutral clothing brands to perfect your androgynous look while keeping the planet in mind. Read more

slow living

What Is Slow Living – and How Do You Slow Down?

Slow living is a lifestyle movement that emphasizes conscious living and savoring what you have. Learning how to slow down can help you appreciate your life more. Read more

what to do with old books

What to Do With Old Books: 10 Ideas

Are you a bibliophile who owns too many books to fit inside your home? Or perhaps you've cleaned out that dusty bookshelf and are looking for ways to repurpose those old books no one will read anymore? We'll share 10 ideas for what to do with old books. Read more

Relax Me Time

Taking Time for Yourself: How to Make the Most of Your Me Time

Me Time is time put aside just for you. We look at why this is so valuable and make some suggestions for the best ways to take time for yourself. Read more

Minimalist Podcast

5 Inspiring Minimalist Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Minimalist podcasts are a great way to reduce both stress and our impact on the planet. Just getting started? Here are 5 of the best minimalism podcasts! Read more

japandi style

Japandi: Behind the Latest Interior Design Trend

Japandi is a beautiful blend of the Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles. We'll explain how to sustainably implement it in your home. Read more

Sunrise Positivity

Morning Affirmations: 10 Positive Ways To Start Your Day

Morning affirmations can reduce stress, make you more productive, and even help you live longer! We look into the science behind positivity here. Read more