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minimalist home decor

An Easy Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

Learning to live minimally is a process. These minimalist decor tips will help you succeed in creating your own minimalist home or apartment. Read more

Bioplastics Compostable Bag

Bioplastics: How Green and Sustainable Are They?

Bioplastics are used in products from garbage bags to coffee cups. Are these alternatives to conventional plastic really more environmentally friendly? Read more

Maintaining minimalist sustainable tips

Decluttering Your Home: 4 Tips for Sorting Out Your Belongings

Our tips for responsibly getting rid of the things you no longer need and maintaining your new minimalist lifestyle for the long haul. Read more

Practice gratitude how to be more thankful

How to Practice Gratitude: Daily Lessons on Being Grateful

Being grateful is scientifically proven to promote well-being and health. We'll show you how to practice gratitude and live better by being thankful. Read more

Minimalist wardrobe closet clearing tips

Minimalist Wardrobe: Closet Clearing Tips and Tricks

Create your own minimalist wardrobe and say goodbye to those closet-clearing searches for the perfect outfit in the morning. We’ll show you how easy committing to a minimalist closet can be and which minimalist clothing will help you stick to it. Read more

mindfulness based stress reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Living in the Present

Mindfulness exercises can increase your quality of life. We'll show you how to make mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) part of your everyday routine. Read more

Desk organization ideas office workspace decluttering

Desk Organization Ideas: Minimalist Tricks for Your (Home) Office

Minimalism has load of inspiring desk organization ideas to offer. Lend your office a new look and streamline your workflow with these organization ideas for your (home) office desk. Read more

Zero waste travel

Zero Waste Travel: Green Living On The Road

Travel green! With the right zero-waste tricks, you can avoid producing trash on the road and keep your adventures environmentally friendly. Read more