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2023’s Best Reusable Grocery Bags

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5 Unsettling Reasons to Avoid Melamine Dishes

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7 Eco-Friendly Phone Cases That Are Actually Cute

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How long does bottled water last?

How Long Does Bottled Water Last? Does It Matter?

How long does bottled water last? The answer is complicated. But does it matter? Yes — our most vital resource is precious and facing mounting threats every day. Read more

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5 Zero-VOC Paints to Keep Toxic Fumes Out of Your Home

When changing up the look of your home, choosing VOC-free paints may be more important than the color! Keep reading to find out why and which eco-friendly paint we recommend. Read more

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DIY Shampoo Bar Recipe: 3 Sustainable Ways to Keep Your Hair Clean & Healthy

DIY shampoo bars are the answer to more sustainable hair care. Try a shampoo bar recipe from below that will save you hair damage from harsh chemicles, and help the planet, too. Read more