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turn off phone at night

5 Important Reasons You Should Turn Off Your Phone at Night

Most of us leave our smartphones on around the clock. But that's not always a good idea! Here are 5 convincing reasons to turn off your phone at night. Read more

keeping cool

6 Foolproof Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

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Pareto analysis

Can the Pareto Analysis Make You More Productive?

What if you could do less and be more productive at the same time? Learn how to prioritize tasks and allocate your resources more effectively using Pareto analysis. Read more

Best morning routines healthy ways to start off your day

10 Proven Morning Routine Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

Healthy, simple morning rituals are key to starting your day strong and building momentum. Try these proven morning routine ideas to improve your concentration, energy and mood.  Read more

How to build trust in a team

How to Build Trust in a Team: 10 Methods

Knowing how to build trust in a team is a critical skill in many areas of life. Whether you want to establish trust within your work team, friend group or project group at university –– we'll show you how to go about it. Read more

hate watching

Why Hate Watching Feels Good But Can Be Harmful

Hate watching is when we view things just to deride them, and while it may make us smirk in the short term, are we drawing in negativity that may affect our well-being? Read more

Self-improvement craze reasons for a break

Self-Improvement: Why We All Need a Break From It

Self-improvement: We strive to live and eat healthy, look better and work more productively. However, self-improvement can be a quite the slippery slope. Here's why. Read more

How to be more patient stacking rocks beach

5 Lessons on How to Be More Patient

Impatience often prevents us from achieving our goals. We'll show you how to learn patience and self-composure in a couple simple steps. Read more