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How to get glitter off your skin.

How to Get Glitter Off Your Skin Quickly and Easily

Glitter can be a real nuisance to get get rid of, but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to get glitter off your skin, hair, and clothing – without the fuss. Read more

natural remedies for congestion

The 5 Best Natural Remedies for Congestion

If your nose is feeling stuffed up, turn to natural remedies for congestion before you head to the drugstore. We'll show you how to get relief at home. Read more

54321 method

Reduce Anxiety With the 54321 Method

The 54321 method is a coping technique for anxiety that can help you calm down. Learn how to do this grounding technique next time you're feeling anxious. Read more

dopamine detox

Dopamine Detox: Does it Really Work?

A dopamine detox or fast is one of the latest Silicon Valley trends. It promises to make us happier — by temporarily giving up things that bring joy. Read more

how to put out a fire pit

How to Put Out a Fire Pit in 5 Simple Steps

With long summer nights and backyard fire season ahead, it's important to know how to put out a fire pit properly. We'll show you how using simple steps. Read more

Natural remedies for stomach ache

The 5 Best Natural Remedies for a Stomach Ache

No matter what the root cause is, when you have an upset stomach, you want to relieve the symptoms fast. We'll give you five natural remedies for stomach ache. Read more

how to keep pasta from sticking

Kitchen Hacks: How to Keep Pasta From Sticking

Pasta is a simple ingredient to cook, but can be frustrating if it gets stuck to the pot. Read on to learn how to keep pasta from sticking with these simple tips. Read more

How to clean your Chacos and other sandals

How to Clean Chachos & Other Sandals the Eco-Friendly Way

Wearing Chacos in a river or in the shower isn't enough to clean them. Follow our steps on how to clean Chacos and other sandals for that brand new feeling. Read more