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smash therapy

Smash Therapy: Is It Healthy or Harmful to Break Things?

If you like the idea of letting your inner Hulk out in a controlled environment, read this guide to smash therapy — including its pros, cons and controversies. Read more

parental burnout

Parental Burnout Is Real — Here’s What You Can Do

Parental burnout is overwhelming and deflating, making it difficult to complete daily activities. Learn what parental burnout is and a few tips for how to fix it. Read more

foods that reduce cortisol

20+ Foods That Reduce Cortisol for Natural Stress Relief

Foods that reduce cortisol — also known as the stress hormone — are foods that promote wellbeing within the body. Find out what they are and how they might help you manage your stress. Read more

How to get rid of brain fog.

How to Get Rid of Brain Fog Naturally: Tips for Clearer Thinking

Brain fog can cause confusion, memory loss, fatigue, and a lack of concentration. We'll explain how to get rid of brain fog so you can start thinking clearly again. Read more

Self-soothing techniques.

8 Top Self-Soothing Techniques to Stay Calm Under Pressure

If you struggle to recover from upsetting or stressful events, self-soothing techniques could help get back to balance, health, and a better mindset. Find out how. Read more

How to stay focused while studying.

9 Tips for How to Stay Focused While Studying

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how to stay calm under pressure

5 Foolproof Methods to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Knowing how to stay calm under pressure is essential for success. Here are some tried-and-true techniques if you find yourself overwhelmed. Read more

energy vampire definition

Energy Vampires: Definition, Signs & 5 Ways to Deal With Them

Energy vampires in your life can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Keep reading to find out what signs to look out for and how to deal with them. Read more