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nft environmental impact

The Hidden Costs of Virtual Art: Analyzing the Environmental Impact of NFTs

In 2021, Bitcoin consumed more energy than Argentina. Discover the ecological price of virtual art and how we can navigate its future. Read more


E-Mobility Pros and Cons: The Benefits and Challenges of Electric Vehicles

The transport sector is the leading cause of greenhouse gases driving planetary damage. Is e-mobility the solution? Find out here. Read more

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20 Cheap and Sustainable Concrete Alternatives

These eco-friendly concrete options are inexpensive alternatives to traditional concrete, which is hard on the environment. Here are the best sustainable concrete alternatives. Read more

Rock identification apps.

6 Free Rock Identifier Apps

Wondering what the difference is between those different colored rocks you found on the beach? We'll share 6 rock identification apps that you can use when you're out and about. Read more

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17 Best Free Plant Identification Apps & What They Can Do

Which free plant identification apps will get you the right results? In this guide, we'll show you the best apps so you'll know exactly what plants you're taking care of. Read more

Blue hydrogen

Blue Hydrogen: How ‘Green’ Are Blue, Gray and Turquoise Hydrogen?

Many consider blue hydrogen the cleanest way of producing hydrogen, but how green is it really? Join us as we delve into blue hydrogen's environmental impact. Read more

community solar

Can’t Install Solar Panels? Community Solar Might Be the Way to Go

Community solar projects have the potential to democratize access to renewable energy while also empowering local communities, but are they feasible? Read more

ice breaker questions for virtual meetings

18 Ice-Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings: From Polite to Risqué

Get to know your colleagues and spice things up with these 18 thought-provoking icebreaker questions for virtual meetings ranging from polite to risqué. Read more