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Is alcohol vegan

Is Alcohol Vegan? A Guide to Vegan Booze

A vegan lifestyle doesn't mean you have to steer clear of alcohol altogether, but there are some ingredients to avoid. Here's a guide on how to pick vegan alcohol and drinks. Read more

Black Rice Pudding

Black Rice Pudding: Homemade & Vegan Recipe

Black rice pudding is a common breakfast and dessert in Thailand. Scroll down to discover the health benefits of black rice, and learn how to make vegan black sticky rice with our easy recipe. Read more

iced dirty chai latte

Iced Dirty Chai Latte: An Easy Vegan Recipe

With warm weather on the horizon, it's important to stay hydrated. We'll show you how to make a vegan iced dirty chai latte, so you can enjoy this coffeehouse favorite at home. Read more

sheep dipping

Sheep Dipping for Wool: Harmful to Animals, Environment and Humans

Sheep dipping has long been known as a controversial and dangerous practice. Read on to find out the risks and whether there's really a need for sheep dipping. Read more

avocado mango salad

Avocado Mango Salad Recipe

Tired of your average green salad? This fruity and nutritious avocado mango salad is easy to make and really refreshing. Here's how you prepare it. Read more

How To Make Crispy Tofu

How to Make Crispy Tofu With These 6 Tricks

Tofu that's crispy on the outside and soft in the middle will elevate any dish. Keep reading to learn six tips on how to make crispy tofu at home. Read more

What is a "Freegan" Vegan & How Does Freeganism Work

What is a “Freegan” Vegan & How Does Freeganism Work

Is it true that nothing in the world is free? We'll explore what a "freegan" vegan is, some benefits and drawbacks of freeganism, and common practices to reduce waste and minimize consumerism. Read more

Are Potato Chips Vegan?

Are Potato Chips Vegan? It Depends.

Are potato chips vegan? The answer is not quite as straight forward as you might think. Read on to discover how to tell when your chips are vegan, and for some recommendations for delicious vegan potato chips to try. Read more