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how to make garlic salt

How to Make Garlic Salt: Homemade Recipe

Wondering how to make garlic salt? This small but mighty ingredient is a must-have for all your seasoning needs – and it's easy to make. Learn how here. Read more

hemp heart benefits

6 Hemp Heart Benefits and Uses

Hemp hearts are full of essential nutrients and easy to add to your everyday diet. Check out these six hemp heart benefits and some ideas on how to eat them. Read more

Vegan lobster

Vegan Lobster: No-Sea-Food Recipe With 6 Ingredients

With overfishing plaguing our oceans, it's best to skip the seafood. However, you can still enjoy some vegan lobster when the craving for a lobster roll hits. Read more

Mushroom jerky recipe

Easy Vegan Mushroom Jerky Recipe

It couldn't be easier to make your own vegan mushroom jerky at home. Follow our instructions and tips to make delicious, savory mushroom jerky. Read more

Vegan Summer Rolls

Customizable Vegan Summer Rolls Recipe

Vegan summer rolls are healthy, vibrant, delicious and easy to make! Keep reading for an easy recipe to follow and some tasty ideas for fillings to inspire you. Read more

Vegan cannoli

Vegan Cannoli Recipe With Non-Dairy Ricotta

Cannoli is a classic Italian dessert characterized by its crispy shell and a creamy filling. You can easily make your own vegan cannoli using our recipe below. Read more

strawberry simple syrup

Strawberry Syrup: A Simple Recipe

Looking for a new way to use up excess strawberries? Learn how to make a delicious strawberry simple syrup to add to baking, drinks, and more. Read more

Is lactic acid vegan

Is Lactic Acid Vegan? Here’s Know You Know When It Is

Lactic acid is a substance naturally found in fermented foods, but does that make it vegan? Here's how to tell when lactic acid is vegan. Read more