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Lobio Recipe: A Vegan Georgian Bean Stew

Lobio is one of Georgia's most famous and well-loved dishes which just happens to be vegan! Follow this simple recipe to find out how to make your own. Read more

what is kasha

What is Kasha? How to Make This Delicious Porridge

What is kasha? It's a grain-like seed that can be a healthy base for meals. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious ingredient, and get a recipe for kasha porridge. Read more

Easy Chimichurri sauce

Easy Chimichurri Sauce: Recipe & 5 Uses

Chimichurri sauce is easy to make and is packed full of flavor. Learn how to make this herby sauce and get inspired with our suggestions for 5 different ways you can use it. Read more

easy vegan pancakes

Easy Vegan Pancakes: A Fluffy Recipe

Pancakes have been a staple of American breakfast culture for generations. Whip up some delicious vegan pancakes that are just as fluffy as the original using our recipe. Read more

Parmesan substitute

6 Easy (And Vegan) Parmesan Substitutes

Parmesan substitutes are a tasty alternative to parmesan cheese. Surprisingly to some, parmesan isn't even vegetarian – learn why, and try these delicious replacements. Read more

healthy ranch dressing

Healthy Ranch Dressing: A Vegan and Dairy-Free Recipe

Healthy ranch dressing is tasty and easily made at home. Our recipe only takes five minutes and is ideal for those with following vegan, or dairy-free diets. Read more

is imitation crab vegan

Is Imitation Crab Vegan? No, But There Are Alternatives

Wondering if imitation crab is vegan? It doesn't contain crab, but it also isn't suitable for plant-based diets. Find out what it is and learn about tasty vegan alternatives. Read more

cooking cauliflower

How to Cook Cauliflower 8 Different Ways

Cooking cauliflower can seem like a daunting task if you have never tackled it before, but it is worth it for its versatility and health benefits. Keep reading for preparation and cooking tips. Read more