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How long does bottled water last?

How Long Does Bottled Water Last? Does It Matter?

How long does bottled water last? The answer is complicated. But does it matter? Yes — our most vital resource is precious and facing mounting threats every day. Read more

If it's yellow let it mellow.

If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow: The Environmental Impact of Flushing

Does the phrase "if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown flush it down" really help to save water? We'll investigate the environmental impact of flushing the toilet. Read more

bidet vs toilet paper

Bidet vs. Toilet Paper: Health, Hygiene, and Environment

Want to cut down on paper waste while staying extra clean? We explore the impacts of bidets vs toilet paper for comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability. Read more

edible water bottle

What Is an Edible Water Bottle and How Can I Make One?

Edible water bottles are the latest internet trend. But how are they made, and just what is the benefit? We'll take a closer look and show you how to make your own. Read more