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aro ace meaning

Why the Real Meaning Behind “Aro” and “Ace” Matters

An often overlooked part of the queer community, aro and ace people are sometimes lumped together. However, the meaning of aromanticism and asexuality are quite different. Read more

How to protect your eyes from screens

How to Protect Eyes From Computer & Mobile Screens

Blue light emitted from screens can be damaging to eye health when excessive. To prevent these negative side effects of the modern world, follow our tips on how to protect your eyes from screens. Read more

online volunteer opportunities

9 Online Volunteer Opportunities From Home

Virtual volunteer opportunities are an impactful way of giving your time to help those in need. The past years have taught us that we can achieve so much from home, so why not start the new year right by volunteering virtually? Read more

Self-improvement craze reasons for a break

Self-Improvement: Why We All Need a Break From It

Self-improvement: We strive to live and eat healthy, look better and work more productively. However, self-improvement can be a quite the slippery slope. Here's why. Read more

rainbow washing

What Is Rainbow-Washing and Am I Supporting It?

Rainbow-washing is something to look out for especially during Pride month, as many companies try to profit off of queer dollars while disadvantaging queer people. Read more

doing nothing

Why Doing Nothing Might Be the Solution to (Some) of Your Problems

Doing nothing is a great way to relax and enjoy life, while maintaining your mental health and decision-making abilities. It may not seem like it, but sometimes doing nothing is the best action to take. Read more

how to start community garden

How to Start a Community Garden in 8 Steps

A community garden is more than just a place to grow plants, it can help foster and build beneficial relationships. Keep reading to learn how to start a community garden, as well as why you should. Read more

paper saving

9 Paper-Saving Tips You Can Easily Implement

Paper is an omnipresent material that we use every single day. Though it is biodegradable and can be used to replace many less sustainable materials, its production requires a hefty amount of precious resources and its lifespan is much shorter than is often suggested. Here are 9 paper-saving tips you can easily implement. Read more