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Chantal Gilbrich

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fasting one day a week

Fasting One Day a Week: 24-hour Fast Benefits

What does fasting one day a week mean and what does it do for your body and health? Read on to learn the benefits of 24-hour fasting. Read more

Blueberry stain removal

4 Quick Blueberry Stain Removal Methods

Blueberries taste delicious, but they sometimes leave behind dark stains. Learn how to remove blueberry stains using home remedies. Read more

egg carton crafts for kids

5 Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

Egg carton crafts are the ideal way to upcycle. With these five creative ideas you can turn your egg cartons into egg cups, animals, flowers, and costumes! Read more

japandi style

Japandi: Behind the Latest Interior Design Trend

Japandi is a beautiful blend of the Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles. We'll explain how to sustainably implement it in your home. Read more

bread spices

German Bread Spice Mixes: 2 Simple Recipes

With the right bread spices, you can prepare taste and aromatic German breads. We’ll show you two variations that you can easily make in your own kitchen. Read more

cinnamon tea benefits

Cinnamon Tea: 4 Health Benefits and How to Make Your Own

Cinnamon is a comforting smell, but did you know you could drink it? We’ll give you a cinnamon tea recipe and explain the benefits of cinnamon tea. Read more

minimalist home decor

An Easy Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

Learning to live minimally is a process. These minimalist decor tips will help you succeed in creating your own minimalist home or apartment. Read more

wormwood tea

Wormwood Tea: Benefits, Dosage, and Brewing Method

Wormwood tea is especially effective against gastrointestinal complaints. In this guide, you’ll learn about the benefits and side effects of this drink, as well as how to prepare it. Read more