Leon Wilczek

Leon Wilczek writes as a freelance author for Utopia.

vegan substitute for heavy cream

The 8 Best Vegan Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Supermarkets offer ready-made vegan substitutes for heavy cream, but they're expensive and full of additives. Better make all-natural substitutes yourself – from olive oil, plant-based milk, tofu, or other everyday ingredients. read more

avocado oil benefits for skin

Avocado Oil Benefits & Drawbacks for Skin & How to Use

Avocados are well-known for their great flavor, but did you know that avocado oil benefits your skin? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks of avocado oil for skincare, as well as its environmental impact. read more

is brown sugar vegan

Is Brown Sugar Vegan? The Truth & Vegan Sugar Brands

Is brown sugar vegan? The truth is much murkier than you think. To get right to the heart of the matter, this article will dig deeper below the surface to uncover the controversial link between sugar and bone char. Let's dive in! read more

The Complete Guide on How to Get Clear Skin Naturally

How to Get Clear Skin Naturally with our Top 12 Tips

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what then, does our skin say about us? We'll share the twelve ultimate tips on how to get clear skin naturally using home remedies and organic skincare tips that'll leave you looking radiant in no time.  read more

Clove essential oil benefits

Clove Essential Oil Benefits & Side Effects

Clove essential oil benefits have been harnessed by humans for hundreds of years to treat a myriad of health problems and conditions. Today, we cast our sights on the supposed healing properties of clove oil and how you can implement them at home. read more

coconut oil health benefits

9 Coconut Oil Health Benefits You Need to Know

This article will cast its sights on all of the reported coconut oil health benefits on offer and hold its reputation up to a magnifying glass to determine once and for all just how healthy it truly is. Let's dive in! read more