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animals that hibernate in winter

15 Adorable Animals That Hibernate in Winter

Hibernation is not exclusive to bears, in fact, there are plenty of animals that hibernate in winter. We'll show you some of the most adorable ones. Read more

boardwalks in new jersey

The 8 Best Boardwalks in New Jersey For a Winter Stroll

The boardwalks in New Jersey are great to explore and should be added to any itinerary! They're perfect for a romantic winter walk or a getaway with the whole family. Read more

diy valentines decorations

20 Eco-Friendly DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Get in the spirit of love with these eco-friendly DIY Valentine's Day decorations — and impress your loved one with your handiwork. Read more

birds that eat spiders

10 Birds That Eat Spiders and How to Attract Them

Did you know that a bunch of different birds eat spiders? Here are the birds that eat spiders and how it can benefit you. Read more

dinner party games for adults

12 No Purchase Needed Dinner Party Games for Adults

Looking for dinner party games for adults to spice up your night and prevent that post-dinner fatigue? We got you! The best part? They won't cost you a dime. Read more

winter bucket list

Winter Bucket List: 25 Mindful and Eco-Friendly Ideas

A winter bucket list helps you get through the cold winter months and make the very best of them! We made sure to include ideas for everyone — both indoors and out. Read more

vegan crockpot recipes

9 Mouthwatering and Cozy Vegan Crockpot Recipes

Vegan crockpot recipes are a sustainable alternative to traditional slow-cooker dishes. Check out these tasty recipes from around the world. Read more

How to make someone feel better over text

18 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better Over Text

Sending a text requires little effort but can make a big impact. We'll show you how you can make someone feel better over text so you can brighten their day. Read more