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How to apologize

How to Apologize the Right Way

Apologies can be intimidating. Knowing how to apologize effectively is an absolute game changer and will have a positive impact on your relationships. Read more

steamed eggplant

Steamed Eggplant Recipe: Chinese or Korean Style

Steamed eggplant is a classic and comforting food in Chinese and Korean culture. Check out these two simple but versatile recipes to spice up your weekly dinners. Read more

Vegan party food

10 Simple, Tasty Vegan Party Food Ideas

These vegan party food ideas are great for all seasons. Sticking to wholesome, plant-based recipes will make your guests happy and keep your party eco-friendly. Read more

does oatmeal go bad

Does Oatmeal Go Bad? 3 Questions Answered

Some pantry staples seem to last forever. Does oatmeal go bad? Are there any differences per type of oatmeal? We'll answer these questions and fill you in on how to store your oatmeal to extend its shelf life! Read more

how to make zucchini fries

How to Make Zucchini Fries 5 Ways

We'll show you how to make zucchini fries in five different variations – baked, vegan, Korean, gluten-free and air fryer – so you can enjoy a crispy treat while getting your veggies in. Read more

low fodmap vegetables

Low FODMAP Vegetables: 15 Options for IBS

Low FODMAP vegetables can help you maintain a healthy digestion and counteract symptoms of IBS or other digestive issues. Read more

egg wash

Egg Wash Recipe to Preserve Fruit and Vegetables

Egg washes give bread rolls and pastries a shiny finish. But did you know they also keep fruits fresh longer? Take a look at this five-minute recipe. Read more

energy vampire definition

Energy Vampires: Definition, Signs & 5 Ways to Deal With Them

Energy vampires in your life can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Keep reading to find out what signs to look out for and how to deal with them. Read more