Sven Christian Schulz

Sven Christian Schulz works as a freelance author for Utopia. He mainly writes guides and how-to articles.

veggie sushi

How to Make Veggie Sushi Rolls

Making veggie sushi rolls is worth the effort. You can customize them with your favorite ingredients. We'll show you how to make delicious veggie sushi. read more

How to tell if eggs are still good water test egg float test

4 Easy Egg Tests: How to Tell If Eggs Are Good or Bad

There are several reliable ways how to tell if eggs are still good. The renowned egg water test or float test is just one tried-and-true method. Utopia shows you how to perform a simple check before you enjoy those runny yolks. read more

preheating oven

Preheating the Oven: Necessary or Not?

In some cases, preheating an oven is a waste of energy, but sometimes, it is an important first step that you shouldn’t skip. We’ll help you tell the difference between when this is really necessary and when it’s not. read more