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Sven Christian Schulz

Sven Christian Schulz works as a freelance author for Utopia. He mainly writes guides and how-to articles.

how to cook bulgur

How to Cook Bulgur Wheat: 3 Easy Recipes

Bulgur wheat is an essential ingredient in many delicious dishes. We’ll share some basic tips on how to cook bulgur wheat, and give you a few tasty recipes to try out at home. Read more

how to wash sheets

How to Wash Bed Sheets: Eco-Friendly Tips

Wondering how to wash your bed sheets in an environmentally friendly way? We’ll look at how to save water and energy when washing sheets. Read more

veggie sushi

How to Make Veggie Sushi Rolls

Making veggie sushi rolls is worth the effort. You can customize them with your favorite ingredients. We'll show you how to make delicious veggie sushi. Read more

homemade sweetened condensed milk

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk: Recipe and Tips

Homemade sweetened condensed milk is easy to make. We’ll share an easy recipe with just five steps, and only a few simple ingredients. Read more

substitutes for parchment paper

Substitutes for Parchment Paper: Recommended Alternatives

Substitutes for parchment paper are often wanted because it's single-use and cannot be recycled. It is worth looking for parchment paper alternatives. Read more

removing moss - how to kill moss in lawn

Removing Moss: How to Kill Moss in Your Lawn

Removing moss from your lawn can be done without harming the soil. We will show you how to kill moss in your lawn by using simple household remedies. Read more

leaping bunny

Leaping Bunny: The Cruelty-Free Label

Trying to be more conscientious about cruelty-free shopping? The Leaping Bunny logo labels cosmetic and household products that are developed and manufactured without the use of animal testing. Read more

Coffee grounds uses in the garden as compost

7 Sustainable Home and Garden Uses for Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have endless uses post-roast. Here are seven sustainable household hacks to help you recycle those spent coffee grounds in your home and garden. Read more