Sustainability made simple

Victoria Scherff

Victoria Scherff works as a freelance journalist in Berlin.

quit fast fashion

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Fast Fashion

Irresistible deals on low-priced clothes and constant reboots of seasonal collections drive the cycle of cheap clothing consumption onward. Yet, there's an easy way to beat fast fashion: Just ask yourself three simple questions. Read more

woman sneezing herbs garlic thyme

Natural Home Remedies for Colds: 7 Easy Recipes

If you find yourself under the weather, try these natural home remedies to alleviate your symptoms and keep your suffering to a minimum. Read more

Vegan spread dairy free spread recipes

Vegan Spreads: DIY Veggie Spreads with Only 2 Ingredients

Vegan spreads are available in organic markets and grocery stores. But who needs to buy them when we've got three easy recipes with just two ingredients each? Read more

how to grow sprouts at home

Growing Sprouts in a Jar: How to Grow Sprouts at Home

There are so many different types of sprouts you can grow to add a nutrition boost to your meals. We'll look at how to grow sprouts in a jar at home. Read more

Easy bread recipe ingredients

Easy Spelt Bread Recipe: Simple and Quick 1 Hour Prep

Simple and easy bread recipes make baking a breeze. This quick spelt bread recipe is ready in an under an hour – no need to run to the bakery or grocery store when homemade is just as simple. Give it a try. Read more

houseplants succulents

Keep Your Houseplants Alive: 10 Tips for Healthy Indoor Plants

Houseplants make your home beautiful, but they often die within weeks. Here’s a how-to guide for creating and caring for your green oasis. Read more

Green living sustainability shopping cooking

10 Everyday Green Living Ideas: Sustainability on a Shoestring Budget

In terms of green living, isn’t “sustainable” just code for “expensive”? No, it is not. Conscious consumption not only saves you money – it can expand your horizons as well. Read more

Zero Waste Baby

6 Easy Tips for a Zero-Waste Baby

Even before a baby arrives, parents are faced with new consumer choices. We gathered tips from a mother of two who knows her way around an eco-kid's room. Read more