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Terra Preta

Terra Preta: What’s So Special About Amazonian Dark Earths?

This mysterious Amazonian soil can stay rich and productive for centuries. Read below to learn about terra preta, its origins, and how to make some for your own garden. Read more

coconut trees vs. palm trees

Coconut Trees vs. Palm Trees: What’s the Difference?

Coconut trees and palm trees may look similar, but there are distinct differences between them. Read on to learn more about coconut trees vs. palm trees. Read more

Palm oil sustainable

Is Palm Oil Sustainable? Deforestation & Environmental Impact

Is sustainable palm oil production possible? We’ll look into what palm oil is, how it’s used, and the social and environmental impact that it has. Read more

ocean seaweed

Why Ocean Seaweed Is Good for You and the Environment

You may not love swimming through it, but ocean seaweed plays a vital role in the environment. Read on for the impacts, benefits and culinary varieties of seaweed. Read more

shell collecting

Shell Collecting the Legal, Ethical, Eco-Friendly Way

Shell collecting is a popular vacation pastime with surprising consequences. Here's how shell collecting damages the environment (and some greener alternatives!) Read more

why did the dodo bird go extinct

Why Did the Dodo Bird Go Extinct? A Detailed Guide to the Dodo

Most know it as the icon of human-caused extinction, but what is the real history of the dodo? Why did the dodo bird go extinct? Read on to learn more. Read more

poisonous lionfish

Should You Be Scared of the Poisonous Lionfish?

Lionfish are bright, flashy, and one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean. Keep reading to discover why lionfish are poisonous and how you can treat their venomous stings. Read more

tree bark identification

Tree Bark Identification: A Beginner’s Guide

Knowing the basics of tree bark identification can teach us a lot about our environment. Here is your beginner's guide to tree identification. Read more