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14 surprising animals in Yosemite National Park.

14 Surprising Animals in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is bursting with biodiversity across its wide range of habitats. Take a look at some of the surprising animals you can find there. Read more

should plastic bags be banned

Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

Should plastic bags be banned? Plastic is a major cause of pollution worldwide. We'll discuss why a growing number of people want to ban plastic bags entirely. Read more


Plastiglomerate: Plastic Rocks Are a Horrible New Type of Pollution

Plastiglomerate is a brand new type of rock formation that marks the global plastic crisis. Should we be concerned? Find out more by reading what we know so far. Read more

exotic pet cats

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Exotic Pet Cats

Big cats have an allure unlike many other animals. Exotic pet cats may seem like a good idea, but these majestic creatures belong in the wild. Read more

How do electric cars work?

How Do Electric Cars Work? The Inner Workings Explained

How do electric cars work and what are the major pros and cons? Find out by reading a little bit more about electric cars, how they operate, and why you should care. Read more

wildlife of the grand canyon

The Fascinating Wildlife of the Grand Canyon

Wildlife of the Grand Canyon varies across the park. There are a variety of interesting animals to spot while you're out on the trails, so keep your eyes open. Read more

celebrate holi sustainably

How to Celebrate Holi More Sustainably in 2023

Celebrate Holi 2023 sustainably and enjoy the arrival of spring in ways that promote the growth and natural life it represents. Find out how with our easy guide. Read more

substitutes for fabric softener

10 Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Fabric Softener

Did you know there are plenty of eco-friendly substitutes for fabric softener? We'll give you the scoop on some good fabric softener alternatives you should try. Read more