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Plastitar: A New Type of Pollution, Thanks to Oil Spills and Microplastics

Plastitar is a new pollutant that researchers recently discovered in Europe. Read on to find out what it is and what the consequences might be. Read more


Coppicing: Benefits of the Traditional Woodland Management

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management technique where trees are cut at the base to allow new shoots to grow. We'll show you the benefits of coppicing and how it's done. Read more

Colored snow

Colored Snow: Reasons for Black, Blue or “Watermelon” Snow

Colored snow is an interesting environmental phenomenon. It can be all colors of the spectrum. From algae to dust, we'll explain the origins and implications of various snow colors. Read more

productive things to do

10 Productive Things to Do Instead of Scrolling Through Your Phone

We can all be guilty of spending too much time scrolling mindlessly through our smartphones. Read here to get ideas on ten productive things to do instead. Read more

forest conservation

Forest Conservation: Definition & 7 Impactful Methods

Forest conservation is one strategy we can push to help mitigate climate change. Here are some impactful methods we can start utilizing to push for forest conservation. Read more

Staycation Los Angeles

8 Must-Dos for a Sustainable Staycation in Los Angeles

Are you planning a staycation in Los Angeles? If so, we've compiled a list of sustainable activities you can do in the city – without having to worry about your carbon footprint. Read more

Fridays For Future

Fridays For Future USA: What You Should Know About the Movement

Fridays For Future is a rapidly growing movement of young people determined to protect their future and provoke change. Read on to learn about the movement and how to join it. Read more

what is eco-tourism

What Is Eco-Tourism? Definition, Examples and Long-Term Impact

Eco-tourism focuses on ecologically sustainable travel in order to conserve the natural environment. We'll look at popular eco-tourism destinations, and how they are impacted. Read more