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Wild swimming

Wild Swimming: 5 Great Reasons to Try It

Wild swimming offers many physical and mental health benefits. We'll tell you 5 great reasons to try it, and give you some tips on how to get started. Read more

Cage free eggs

Cage-Free Eggs: A Sustainable Choice?

Cage-free eggs don't necessarily mean that the hens have been kept in humane conditions. We'll tell you why eggs are an unsustainable food source, and why you should avoid them. Read more

Summer activities for adults

The 9 Best Eco-Friendly Summer Activities For Adults

Looking for a way to switch off the air conditioner, kick back, and enjoy the summer? We've compiled a list of sustainable summer activities for adults to inspire you. Read more

natural lawns

Natural Lawns: A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Grass

Tired of pouring so much time, effort, money, and fertilizer into maintaining your perfect lawn? Natural lawns might be the sustainable and low maintenance solution. Read more

best hikes in olympic national park

16 Best Hikes in Olympic National Park

Check out 16 of the best hikes in Olympic National Park. One of the biggest national parks in the U.S., it offers everything from dense forest to meadows and coastal bluffs. Read more

what is sustainable agriculture

What Is Sustainable Agriculture? 5 Examples and Its Benefits

Sustainable agriculture seeks to sustain farmers, resources and communities for future generations. Here are five methods of sustainable farming and its benefits. Read more

rights of nature

Rights of Nature: Global Movement, Legal Status & Potential

The Rights of Nature movement recognizes nature and other species as equal to humans, not simply resources to use. Learn more about the movement and its influence in the U.S. Read more

nestlé brands

Perrier, Häagen Dazs & Co: Brands You Didn’t Know Belong to Nestle

Nestlé, famous for brands of instant coffee and candy, is the world's largest food and beverages company. It offers products for every moment of every day — water, baby formula, even medical foods. What the company is also associated with: humanitarian and environmental scandals. Read more