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Sustainable Staycation in NYC: 8 Great Activities

NYC has all kinds of sustainable attractions for you to enjoy. Here are some eco-friendly staycation ideas so you can have fun while limiting your carbon footprint. Read more

what is poaching

What Is Poaching? Its Impact and Difference from Hunting

The term "poaching" is thrown around a lot when discussing wildlife. But what is poaching? Let's discuss some common misconceptions and confusions. Read more

wedding doves

Wedding Doves: Why It’s Cruel & 4 Alternatives

Wedding doves are a problematic tradition in the wedding industry, as the practice is unnecessary cruel. We'll outline some alternatives you can use here. Read more

queer movies

10 Queer Movies to Watch This Pride Month

Grab some popcorn and indulge yourself with some queer movies about love, community, friendship, family, hardship and more! Here are ten movies to binge this Pride month. Read more

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Adding wood ash in compost is a great way to dispose of your fireplace waste while also providing a nutritional boost to your garden. Learn more about it here. Read more

are sea lions endangered

Are Sea Lions Endangered? Threats & What You Can Do

Species of sea lions face various threats, both natural and manmade. We'll tell you which species are endangered, why, and what you can do to help protect them. Read more

Los Angeles bucket list

Los Angeles Bucket List: 10 Eco-Friendly Things to Do

LA has great weather, beautiful beaches, funky neighborhoods, delicious food, cultural hot spots and more. Check out our affordable and eco-friendly Los Angeles bucket list. Read more

How to dispose of old pills

How to Dispose of Old Pills Correctly

It is important to dispose of unused medication correctly to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Keep reading to find out how to dispose of old pills properly. Read more