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best campsites in New York

The Best Campsites in New York: 10 Cool Spots

Get to know campgrounds close to home and enjoy the beauty in your area. Some of the best campsites in New York are open year-round for activities ranging from swimming to ice-fishing. Read more

Movies about sustainability

The 16 Best Movies & Documentaries About Sustainability & the Environment in 2022

The following recent documentaries and movies about sustainability demonstrate why being an environmentalist is crucial to the health of our planet and humanity. Read more

peat moss for lawns

Peat Moss for Lawns & Gardening: Pros and Cons

Although it seems like a magic ingredient, is peat moss for lawns and gardening really a good idea? We'll explore some pros, cons, and sustainable alternatives. Read more

Hiking near Dallas

Hiking Near Dallas: 6 Great Walking Paths

Although the city is extremely flat, there are lots of beautiful hiking trails near Dallas. In fact, intense elevation gains and rugged terrain are only half an hour outside the city. Read more

sheep dipping

Sheep Dipping for Wool: Harmful to Animals, Environment and Humans

Sheep dipping has long been known as a controversial and dangerous practice. Read on to find out the risks and whether there's really a need for sheep dipping. Read more

fox as a pet

A Fox as a Pet? Why That’s Not Cute but Cruel

Foxes are adorable, elusive creatures – many of us could be tempted to keep one in our home. But with just a bit of background knowledge, you can learn why having a fox as a pet is a bad idea. Read more

New York bucket list

New York Bucket List: 10 Eco-Friendly Activities

New York bucket list: From green landmarks to vegan restaurants, we've compiled a list of the top 10 sustainable and eco-friendly must-do’s when traveling to NYC. Read more

San Francisco bucket list

San Francisco Bucket List: 10 Eco-Friendly Ideas

Despite the hills, San Francisco is a very walkable city, and there's so much to see and do! Start your trip to the fog city right with our San Francisco bucket list. Read more