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bug hotel

Bug Hotels: How to Build Your Own Insect House

Because of human activity, insects are having a harder and harder time surviving. We’ll show you how you can help, by building your own DIY bug hotel. Read more

how to keep wasps away

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy: 10 Tricks to Keep Wasps Away

No one likes to get stung, and during the late summer months wasps are everywhere! Here is how you can repel wasps without harming them. Read more

urban hiking

Urban Hiking: 5 Tips for Getting Started

Urban hiking is a free, accessible and fun way to get to know your city and get fit while you're at it. Explore natural spots in your area and soak in all the city has to offer. Read more

How to Make a Protest Sign

How to Make a Protest Sign and 15 Cool Ideas

Participating in protests and demonstrations is an important demonstration of voice and passion, and signs make it better. Here is a guide on 15 practical protest sign ideas. Read more

how to start community garden

How to Start a Community Garden in 8 Steps

A community garden is more than just a place to grow plants, it can help foster and build beneficial relationships. Keep reading to learn how to start a community garden, as well as why you should. Read more

slash-and-burn agriculture

Slash-and-Burn Agriculture: Definition, Risks, and More

Slash-and-burn agriculture is a farming practice that has existed for at least 7,000 years. When practiced right, it can be beneficial for forest and soil health, and be a sustainable means of food production. Read more

herbs to plant together

Herbs to Plant Together: Companion Planting with Herbs

Interested in making an herb garden and wondering which herbs to plant together? Companion planting with herbs can have several benefits, keep reading to learn more. Read more

What is cork?

What Is Cork? FAQs & Sustainability Facts

Ever wondered what cork is, and what it's made of? Widely known for its use as a wine bottle stopper, cork is a versatile material that comes from the bark of a cork oak tree. Read more