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Temperature Rise Below 1.5C

“No Credible Pathway” to Keep Temperature Rise Below 1.5C. What Now?

The UN has warned that the world is still dangerously far from reaching its goal of limiting global temperature to 1.5C. With COP27 right around the corner, where do we go from here? Read more

cycling in the rain

Cycling in the Rain: 9 Tips for Safety & Comfort

You don't intend to end up cycling in the rain, but weather can be fickle. Learn how to bike in the rain safely — and maybe even have fun. Read more


Dematerialization: Definition and Sustainability

Dematerialization is a means of getting more from less. Some economists see it as the way toward a more eco-friendly world, but is it a sustainable practice? Read more

human environment interaction examples

Human-Environment Interaction: Definition & Examples

Human-environment interaction refers to how humans impact Earth's ecosystems. Here's a full human-environment interaction definition and useful examples. Read more

solutions to deforestation

6 Solutions to Deforestation and What You Can Do

Solutions to deforestation are crucial to slowing the effects of climate change and sustaining biodiversity and resources. Here are the causes of deforestation and how to stop it. Read more

examples of scrap metal

4 Examples of Scrap Metal You Can Recycle

You can recycle paper, cardboard and plastics, but did you know some metal can be recycled? Read on for examples of scrap metal to recycle. Read more

glow in the dark trees

Glow-in-the-Dark Trees — A Realistic Solution for Streetlights?

Glow-in-the-dark trees could consume carbon instead of electricity and might seem like an unrealistic dream. Recent advances would suggest that glowing greenery isn't far away. Read more

Netflix eco docs

2022’s Best Netflix Eco Docs

Have you seen this year's new science and nature documentaries? Check out these five new Netflix eco docs to learn something new and get excited about what the Earth has to offer. Read more