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Edge effects

Edge Effects: How Humans Interfere With the Ecotone

There are in-between places in the environment that harbor a wide variety of life. This is where edge effects appear. But as humans impact these spaces, concern grows. Read more

environmental degradation

What Is Environmental Degradation?

Environmental degradation takes many forms and is one of the largest crises we face as a planet. If things don't change soon, the outlook is bleak. Read more


Reforestation: What It Is, Why It Matters & How to Help

Reforestation efforts are underway to help fight climate change across the globe. Learn why reforestation is important and how you can get involved. Read more

best state parks in California

The 8 Best State Parks in California for Stargazing, Hiking, Camping

You don't need to travel far to experience something new. Here are the best state parks in California so you can enjoy sustainable travel in your own backyard. Read more

cutest exotic animals

The 15 Cutest Exotic Animals in the World

Picking the cutest exotic animals is not an easy task, but someone had to do it. Here are 15 of the cutest exotic animals and where to find them ethically. Read more

Best state parks in New York

The 7 Best State Parks in New York for Skiing, Boating, or Picnics

State parks are great for more local nature adventures that put less of a strain on our environment. Follow these tips and recommendations for the best state parks in New York. Read more

What is upcycling?

What Is Upcycling and How Is It Different From Recycling?

What is upcycling? Read on to find out why upcycling is so important for the environment and how you can transform your waste into practical, beautiful and eco-friendly objects to decorate your home with. Read more

hiking in the rain

Here Are Our 8 Top Tips for Hiking in the Rain

While most people moan at the idea of hiking in the rain, it can be really fun if you are properly prepared. Follow our tips to stay safe and comfy on the trail. Read more