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closed loop recycling

Closed-Loop Recycling: How It Works

Closed-loop recycling is the best recycling process available for a sustainable economy and environment. You can help make closed-loop recycling more common by opting for glass and aluminum containers. Read more

Best national parks to visit in winter

The 10 Best National Parks to Visit in Winter

Winter is a great time to visit national parks – the snowy landscapes can be extra beautiful and the parks tend to be much less crowded. Read on to learn which are the best national parks to visit in winter and how to be an eco-friendly hiker. Read more

hiking near Houston

Hiking Near Houston: Best Hiking Trails to Check Out

Houston has many inviting green spaces and beautiful hiking trails within easy reach. Most of these popular parklands can be accessed using Houston's public transport system. Here are our top ten places to go hiking near Houston. Read more