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How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree in 6 Steps (+ Better Options!)

how to dispose Christmas tree
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Do you know how to dispose of your Christmas tree responsibly? Learn what to do and what to avoid when it comes to getting rid of the tree sustainably and correctly.

The Christmas tree is a common holiday staple in many homes. Of course, they make a lovely addition to any common space and can really get you in the holiday spirit. However, as with purchasing any new natural item, you’ll want to try to use it and dispose of it as ethically and responsibly as possible. Here are a few different options for disposing of your Christmas tree.

1. Upcycle Your Christmas Tree Instead of Disposing of It

Chopping your tree into firewood is a great way to upcycle.
Chopping your tree into firewood is a great way to upcycle.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)

“Upcycling” is a term that refers to using items for their maximum potential. In other words, it’s all about using your Christmas tree for its practical potential, rather than simply using it for aesthetic purposes. Upcycling is a great way to dispose of your tree correctly this year!

Once the holiday season is over, here are some ways you can upcycle your tree:

  1. Chop it into firewood. Tip: Make sure to store your firewood correctly so you can actually use it later on.
  2. Chip the remains of the tree into mulch for your garden or outdoor space.
  3. Use the greens of the tree for arts and crafts, or for aesthetic decorations around the house,
  4. Make seasonal ornaments using the wood from the tree.
  5. Make wood coasters using the wood from the tree.

Wondering about other natural items you can reuse around the house? Check out our piece on how to Reuse Vegetable Scraps: Skip The Trash and Put Food Back On Your Plate.

2: Reuse Your Christmas Tree: No Need to Dispose of It!

Christmas trees are beautiful, but its important to dispose of them properly once the season is over.
Christmas trees are beautiful, but its important to dispose of them properly once the season is over.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / captainmk)

This one may sound crazy, but it’s definitely possible, and it keeps you from disposing of your Christmas tree at all this year. You can “reuse” your tree by replanting it once you’re done with it. That is only possible, however, if you did not chop the roots off, but kept your tree in a pot. Learn more:

3: Dispose of Your Christmas Tree by Recycling It: 6 Steps

If you can't replant your tree, recycle it!
If you can't replant your tree, recycle it!
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Pezibear)

If you can’t upcycle or reuse your tree, your best option is to recycle it. You’ll definitely want to ensure you take it to the right place so you can dispose of your Christmas tree correctly.

First, call your local waste management service to see if they accept Christmas trees for recycling. If not, search the internet to find groups in your area that accept and recycle Christmas trees. If you can’t take the tree yourself, many places offer pickup options.  

In order to recycle your tree, there are a few key steps you’ll want to follow:

  1. Don’t wait for your tree to dry out. This heightens the risk of the tree becoming a fire hazard.
  2. Remove all ornaments and lights.
  3. Remove the skirt and base from the tree.
  4. Wrap it in a blanket or trash bag while taking it out of your house to prevent sap or needles from falling on the floor of your house.
  5. If you’re taking it to the recycling center yourself, make sure it is secured to your vehicle using bungee cords or rope.
  6. If a company is picking up your tree for recycling, you may need to cut it into smaller pieces to make the pickup easier.

If you never want to think about how to dispose of your tree again, try renting a Christmas tree instead of buying one. There will likely be a variety of companies in your area that will rent trees out at the beginning of the holiday season. Search online for rental options in your area to see if this is a good option for you!

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