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How to preserve aloe vera gel

How to Preserve and Store Aloe Vera Gel

Wondering how to preserve aloe vera gel? It can be difficult to store due to its sticky nature, but the health benefits make it worth your while. Read more


Ecocide: Meaning, Examples and Solutions

Here we bring together a definition of ecocide and its effect in the US. We'll examine the ramifications, underlying issues, and proposed solutions to this problem. Read more

threats to biodiversity

5 Threats to Biodiversity and What You Can Do

There is an alarming number of threats to biodiversity. But life on Earth relies on biodiversity to thrive. Right now, it is in peril due to climate change and human activity. Read more

environmental activism

Environmental Activism: How to Get Involved in 2023

Environmental activism is the implementation of direct action such as demonstrations or lobbying to pressure governments to enact policy changes. Learn how to get active this year. Read more

invasive species in the US

16 Worst Invasive Species in the US

While massive portions of biodiversity are lost every day, many invasive species in the US thrive. Read more to learn which ones might be lurking near you. Read more

famous nature photographers

8 Famous Nature Photographers With a Lasting Impact

Photography has the power to capture the diverse and intimate connection we share with nature. Here are eight famous nature photographers and their lasting impacts. Read more

shark facts fun facts about sharks

6 Wholesome Shark Facts (Plus A Surprisingly Creepy One)

They are often portrayed as vicious ocean predators — but these seven shark facts will convince you that the many shark species are much more complex than that. Read more

causes of water pollution

10 Causes of Water Pollution & What You Can Do

Human activity has far-reaching consequences, and water pollution is a major concern. Here are the 10 biggest causes of water pollution. Read more