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plant blindness

This Is Why You Probably Suffer From Plant Blindness

Do you suffer from plant blindness? Find out what it is, why it matters and how you can begin to see plants from a whole new perspective. Read more

bread for birds

Is Bread Bad for Birds? Why You Shouldn’t Feed Ducks & Other Birds

Is bread bad for birds? How many times have you seen people feed bread to birds in movies, on TV, and in commercials? — bread is not recommended for birds. Read more

non renewable resources examples

Non-Renewable Resources: 5 Examples Explained

These five examples of non-renewable resources will give you an idea of how destructive the use of them can be, and why experts insist that we must transition to renewables. Read more

artificial snow

Why Artificial Snow Can’t Be a Long-term Solution

As global temperatures rise, more and more mountain resorts rely on the creation of snow. This article explores the sustainability (or lack thereof) in producing and using artificial snow.  Read more

Are fireworks bad for the environment

Are Fireworks Bad for the Environment?

Fireworks are a popular festive pastime. But, are fireworks bad for the environment? Here, we look at how sustainable fireworks are and their impact on the planet. Read more

recycle plastic bag

Why You Can’t Recycle Plastic Bags Curbside

Figuring out what can and cannot be recycled in your home can be a little daunting at times, but it is certainly not a lost cause. Read more

How does fracking work?

How Does Fracking Work? Legality, Financial and Environmental Concerns

How does fracking work and why is it controversial? Will it help to end the energy crisis or will it help to end the world? Find out by reading more. Read more

golden ratio in nature

Golden Ratio in Nature: 7 Stunning Examples

Examples of the golden ratio in nature span from the deep blue seas to the vast and expansive depths of outer space. Is this number part of a universal code? Read more